Withholding Calculator

  • Employees can use the calculator to do tax planning and project future withholdings and changes to their Missouri W-4.
  • Employers can use the calculator rather than manually looking up withholding tax in tables.
  • Tax Professionals can use the calculator when testing new tax software or assisting with tax planning.

Please Note:
The withholding calculator is designed to assist taxpayers with tax planning and withholding. Please keep in mind that some circumstances may cause the amount of withholding tax that is calculated by the withholding calculator to differ from a taxpayer's check stub (e.g., employer may use tax tables rather than the withholding formula or an additional amount may be withheld according to Form MO-W4). If discrepancies do exist, you may want to double check the numbers that you entered in the calculator and recalculate the withholding using the calculator. If discrepancies still exist, we encourage you to check with your employer to make sure the correct amount is being withheld.

To begin using the Online Withholding Calculator, please select the filing year and choose one of the following payment options in which you would like to calculate the withholding:

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